Vancouver Roof Repair

Vancouver Roof Repair

When looking for a Vancouver Roof Repair Company look no further than

What is Roof Fix Roof Repair

Cartier St  Vancouver Roofing project

Cartier St Vancouver Roofing project is a network of independent Roofing Contractors that work for way less then the big roofing outfits. In fact many of the same roof fix roof repair companies are the same sub contractors you might have when you call a big roofing outlet. Many of the big roofing companies in Vancouver BC and else where sub contract out the crews.

Roof Repair Costs

This is where Roof Fix Roof Repair comes in. We only take a $300 commission on thier roofing contracts as a lead refereal cost. This keeps your costs as a home owner down while getting the same quality as you would expect from any quality roofing company.

Our volume buying power is the same as any of the big local companies as we have set pricing with the distributors due to the fact our roofing model is Canadian based model and they can cover a larger are much fester and way more efficiently than any ohter roofing company.

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