Builders Haus A Vendors Market Place For Building Materials

Builders Haus, the market place for building products

There are many places to list your products for sale online, but none have the focus like Builders Haus does for the construction industry. From years of experience in the building and construction industry Colin Hamilton has made a vision for the industry come true. There are many products out there, many suppliers from all over the world and few places to place them all together and have a true evaluation of them.

With actual trades people, builders, developers, and homeowners making true and accurate descriptions of the goods being sold and used by people who actually use them.

We take local products and stores to help you make the best decision on your purchase for your home. Not only are you going to Builders Haus to get a great deal, but you also want a great product. Help us help you by building the worlds Market Place for Building Products.

If you might be a vendor and want to reach a greater reach of customers then list your products on Builders Haus, it’s free!