l Vancouver tree Service Company and tree removal

Vancouver tree Service Company and tree removal

Vancouver Tree Service Compnay Tree Works is the premier Arboriculture company in the Lower mainland. We boast about our track record and client care. We always leave our projects cleaner than we came, no matter what the service. Tree Works has been doing excellent tree care service in Greater Vancouver for over 15 years. Tree Works sends out only certified Arborist !
In crown reduction pruning, generally not more than 1/3 of the total area is removed in a single operation. Crown reduction and deadwood removal have frequently been done in large Douglas Fir and Red Cedar pines close to building. This allows the winds to move through the tree, lessening chances of tree failure.

Also, because more light and air reach the inner portion of the branches, the trees experience less needle loss. Consequently, there is less mess below. We believe this also enhances the natural shape of the tree. Various pruning techniques such as skirting and thinning provide a healthy solution to conserving views without completely removing trees.

Vancouver Crown Cleaning

Crown cleaning is the removal of dead, dying, diseased, crowded, weakly attached or low vigour branches from the tree’s crown. This differs from crown reduction in that very little of the live crown is removed. On the west coast, we frequently use this procedure in Large Douglas Fir and Red Cedar that have become “high value” trees, for the cleaning or reduction may also be used when removal of the tree is not always an option.
Residential and Commercial Tree Service with Excellent Clean-up Guaranteed
Tree works services and completes the following services.

Crown Reduction
Spiral Pruning
Tree Spraying
Tree Removal
Hedge Trimming
Consulting Arborist
Land Clearing
Selective Logging
50ft Bucket Truck

Tree Care Services Vancouver

Tree Care Services Vancouver


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